‘Vasyl Lomachenko will move to 140, best will come when he’s in trouble’

Battling Jorge Linares on Saturday night in a bid for a third weight world title in just twelve fights, Lomachenko is making history in every fight and Klimas is adamant fans are yet to see the formidable amateur legend at his very best.

“I could never dream about having such an honor and to be so proud and glad to represent one of the best athletes in the world of boxing, you know, the number 1 guy,” said Klimas to Sirius XM Boxing’s Radio Show.

“We just arrived to New York, checked in the hotel and to see the billboard lighting, Madison Square Garden Lomachenko v. Linares.

“I think the one guy said it best, you know, Linares likes to dance salsa, Lomachenko father taught him to dance Kebal so the question is who will be leading?

Will Linares be dancing the Keval with Lomachenko or will Lomachenko be dancing the salsa with Linares. That’s the question

On being asked if Lomachenko will move up to 140

“I think in the future he is going to be moving to 140lbs. Of course, he’s making history (Reference to making fighters quit in the corner).

“He does a lot of things. I really don’t think we’ve seen Lomanchenko at 100 percent in the ring.

“You can say and I can see he’s improving with every single bout. I think that to see Lomachenko at 100 percent he’s going to have to be in danger, in the ring.

“So that’s when were going to see Lomachenko at 100 percent we didn’t have the danger

“It looks like, you know Linares is talking good things before the fight. Hopefully, he’s going to come in and he’s going to try to let us see Lomachenko 100 Percent.”


Listen to Egis on Lomachenko moving to 140 and not yet fighting at his best: https://twitter.com/SiriusXMBoxing/status/993651331175976961

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