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Linares v Lomachenko: Final press conference round-up

It is a fairly stacked card top to bottom but everyone in attendance was hanging on the final words of the main event fighters before their showdown this Saturday on ESPN.

Lomachenko did not have a prediction for the fight, only saying “we will find out who is best,” and that “No one knows if there will be a knockout.”

That being said Lomachenko is in tip top shape and is 100% healthy, telling the media in attendance “Training went well, there are no injuries thank God.”

Linares went just a bit more in depth on the fight and what expects, telling the media “The last two opponents I faced were southpaws and I have had Vasyl Lomachenko on my radar – I have been preparing for him.”

Linares is also expecting a longer fight to play out and perhaps his game plan is to ramp up as the rounds go by because he mentioned “The fight is going to get more intense as the rounds go by.”

Linares also thinks that his experience of more than quadruple as many fights as Lomachenko has as a professional is going to play a role.

“He is an elite fighter and an elite amateur fighter but he is still learning as a professional.”

All in all the final press conference has the feel of great fight about to take place. There was a very tense atmosphere surrounding it, which is usually what happens when you have two world class fighters that are going to square off.

The stage is set for the weigh in and the fight Saturday for the World Boxing Association (WBA) Super World Lightweight Championship Title. You don’t want to miss this one.