Another former opponent accuses Canelo of dodging drug testing

Canelo vs Trout


Austin Trout has spoken out on his experiences of drug testing procedures for his defeat to Canelo Alvarez in 2013.

The American outlined his complaint as a string of ex-opponents of the Mexican question the integrity of the two-weight world champion in the wake of a six-month ban for Clenbuterol.

“Absolutely, when he got busted, I said I knew it,” said Trout to Sirius XM Boxing Radio.

“Let me tell you guys about my ordeal with the random drug testing in that fight. The fight was originally supposed to be around May 5th on the Mayweather undercard In Vegas. Canelo had some beef with Mayweather where he didn’t want to boost his number or something, so he pulled out and got slotted to April 20th, originally supposed to be in LA but then we had gotten taken to Texas.

“Now, once we had landed on Texas and we have the date, got the venue, I asked for random drug testing. Well, De La Hoya, Golden boy, said no, it’s not enough time to educate you on things.

“So I said listen, I don’t need any education. I was in the amateur boxing program. USADA was a big part of that. I know what I can and cannot take. It’s really on your guy. If Canelo can’t be educated in 6, 7 weeks, he must be slower than all heck.

“Fast forward a little bit, my manager got on the phone with Victor Conte VADA, Voluntary anti-doping agency, Victor says no problem we can be there by the end of the week, we relay to De La Hoya, and they say ok are you going to pay the $100 cost for the testing,

“We contact Victor Conte, and he says ok, well wave the fee, it will be free and be there by the end of the week. We go back to De La Hoya and say, look, he says it’s not going to cost anything. He’s going to be there by the end of the week, but Canelo has got to agree to do it since it is voluntary. After we said that, De La Hoya calls us back and says, ok, USADA will be there tomorrow.

“This is the company that they’ve used, that they’ve always used, they didn’t want VADA for some reason, now that he got Caught by VADA, I see why…

“Before my fight, USADA has been accused of destroying samples. It happened with Peter Quillen vs. Winky Wright fight, Quillin came up positive for something, Winky wanted to know what, USADA said I’m sorry we destroyed the sample. Aron Rawls was busted twice before the Danny Garcia rematch. Weeks before the fight, it was swept under the rug. He still fought. This was all USADA’s doing.


“So, when they told me, no, it’s ok USADA doing it, that was something fishy in its self.

“I got tested, no bull, 10 times in that 6 week period, sometimes twice a week taking blood and urine, and when I had expressed that I didn’t want to give blood the week of the fight, they had me on the phone with lawyers, talking about your going to be disqualified, you’re going to be responsible for the cost of the fight.

“So I said, listen, man, I’ll give you hair, give you urine, and need my blood. Not to mention when it was getting close to the fight, and I’m getting dehydrated, it’s hard to get blood out of these veins. They start collapsing. I don’t like needles to begin with, so poking me more than once is not good, to begin with.


“And I kept expressing that you’d better be testing him as much as you’re testing me, that I’ll never know.

“Right after the fight, they came to my dressing room to take a sample of Urine and blood again. I lost it because one, I had just lost my first fight, I was pissed off about that.

“And I’m like, look, man. You’ve got enough samples, both blood, and urine. They took one the day before the fight. So I said no, I want to see that Canelo is getting tested too.

“They tell me USADA agents are over there now. Cool, I want to see him give a test. So as I’m going over there,

“Canelo is in the middle of De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer, his arm in a sling, and the USADA agent behind him with the empty vile and asks Canelo for a sample.

“His response is well. I’m going to the hospital. Please leave me alone. My health is not well.”