Exclusive: Former TV star Charlie Sims in boxing for the long haul

Joe Hewlett 10/05/2018

In 2014, Charlie Sims swapped the limelight of being on ITV’s The Only Way is Essex to follow the footsteps of his father, Tony, into the world of boxing.

The 25-year-old, who recently extended his stint with the Wasserman boxing management company, has admitted he’s delighted with the progress he’s made so far in the sport and has intentions to adding new members to his stable during the upcoming months.

“I love the sport,” he exclusively told World Boxing News. “I always have, my dad has been around it for 25 years, so I’ve been walking around gyms since as soon as I could walk.

“The industry was always under my nose, I just never really got into it until I was in my early twenties.

“I’ve been doing it for nearly four years now and we’ve helped grow and expand the stable.

“Boxing is very exciting right now, I’m very much happy to be involved.

“The stable is growing. It’s really exciting because we have experienced fighters like Ricky Burns and John Ryder. You’ve also got the younger group coming through with the likes of Ted Cheeseman, who’s just had a great win against Carson Jones.

“Felix Cash, who’s looking to step up to British honours, and Joe Cordina and Conor Benn who are really exciting fighters.

“We’re going to add some more talent to the stable at some point later this year as well,” he added.

Sims has confirmed his ambition to build for the long-term and wants to help his stable of young fighters reach the pinnacle.

“We’ve got some great experienced boxers we’re working with and also got a young crop and those boys for at least 10-15 years who have a very big career ahead of them.”

The Essex man continued: “I have set myself goals in boxing that I want to do and not only just expanding my stable and working with the best talent in the UK and world, I’ve set myself short-term goals. I want to work with and get my fighters to the top.

“I also have long-term goals and one of them is to begin with fighters from grassroots and work with them for their entire career and hopefully get them onto the world stage.

“If I can do that, then I’d be very happy.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95