Exclusive: Ryan Rhodes discusses stable of fighters on the back of recent successes

Chandler Waller 07/05/2018

Sam O'maison

After the action at Bramall Lane’s Platinum Suite subsided last month, Ryan Rhodes celebrated victories all round and expressed his delight on whats to come for the remainder of 2018.

On Saturday 21st April, headliner Sam O’maison picked up the English super lightweight title and fighter-turned-trainer Rhodes spoke to WBN in an exclusive interview to discuss the results.

“There was five fights on all together and three of those were fighters in my gym. I got Razaq Najib just in a four rounder, bringing him down to super bantamweight, he had an easy win,” he explained.

“I got Loua Nassa who was coming off an English title defeat in his last fight, got him a comfortable four round points win.”

The talk of the night revolved around Sam O’maison who now proudly holds the English title after an emphatic knockout win against Kevin Hooper.

Rhodes was overjoyed with O’Maison’s performance: “My other lad Sam O’maison fought a very good seasoned pro for the English super lightweight title and Sam stopped Kevin Hooper in the 3rd round.

“He put him down with a wicked uppercut at the beginning of round three, the referee let it go on and it took about 10-15 seconds for Sam to finish the fight.”

O’maison, who now holds a record of 15-2 (7 KOs), is one to look out for as he disposed of his opponent capably.

In comparison to Hooper’s former losses, Rhodes believes a statement has been made, he said: “If I’m honest nobody really gets rid of Kevin Hooper like that. Obviously it took six rounds for Scott Cardle, Liam Walsh stopped him in four, Robbie Barrett took him the distance.

“I think Sam has made a bit of a statement to get rid of Kevin Hooper like that. It was a great finish to a great evening.”

Reflecting on the performances led to expectations for the future, Rhodes now wants to keep his fighters active and ready. When asked by WBN what the plan is for the remainder of 2018, he responded: “I just want to keep my guys active, that’s most important right now.

“Over the years as a fighter and now as a trainer, I’ve realised that keeping fighters active is the best thing for professionals.

“When fighters are inactive, they lose focus, concentration, that’s what it’s all about. As difficult as it is putting shows on with no TV and if you haven’t got sponsorship – we’re lucky we’ve got sponsorship on our shows.

“It’s important for 2018 to keep our 26 fighters as busy and as active as possible,” Rhodes concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller