Shawn Porter talks Danny Garcia WBC mandatory title clash, Keith Thurman situation

WBN 03/05/2018

Former world champion Shawn Porter appeared on Sirius XM Boxing Radio this week to discuss a future fight with Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman’s decision to drop the WBC belt.

Porter, who has been ordered to face Garcia for Thurman’s old and now vacated green strap, was sympathetic to the ex-champion whilst giving his thoughts on another world title shot.

“You see multiple ways to beat this guy … on paper this fight sells. I think this fight makes sense for every reason in the world to happen this year. And for us to fight for the WBC title just compounds everything. Styles make fights and this is one fight where you can pick either one of us to be the winner but I think there’s multiple ways that I’m gonna fight him and beat him.”

“We can go with the cliché that pressure busts pipes. I don’t think he handles pressure well and as of late that’s the number one thing you’ve seen me do that’s pretty exceptional and has won me tons of fights is my pressure. To pressure a guy who, in my personal opinion, is not as mentally-prepared for fights as he should be – that works to my advantage.”

“You take a look at him fighting someone like Keith Thurman, who you think to be one of the hardest, heaviest punchers in my division, and Keith Thurman boxed him around the ring for 12 rounds and won a decision, in my personal opinion unanimous. That shows that if I prepare myself well from a conditioning standpoint and from a boxing standpoint to use my feet in the ring and use my range and distance, that’s another way to beat this guy.”

“You have him being somewhat of a surprise-puncher … I think there are tons of things that I have to defend that, offset that, and to make it so that his one-punch KO-rate less of an advantage against me in the ring.”

Listen to Porter on Danny Garcia: https://twitter.com/SiriusXMBoxing/status/991121711184666624

“Definitely feel for him,” Porter said of Thurman. “I think the last time him and I saw each other wasn’t as cordial as usual, per se, but I think that for a number of reasons I haven’t reached out to him, I do have his number and you know just that you guys put that on my heart to do,

“I may do it. I don’t know if you caught that but in the video I kind of stated that he wasn’t stripped of the title he vacated his title and I wished him well on his recovery, now I thought that when I did that video the best thing for me to do, upon doing a spoof of Angel Garcia was to kind of retell the things that he said and kind of clear them up. So, for me to in that video to say as Angel Garcia that I hope you have a good recovery that’s actually coming from Shawn Porter that’s Shawn Porter extending a well wish, if you will, to Keith Thurman in his recovery.

“So yeah, from a few standpoints, I do feel for him and you know don’t be surprised if you hear from him or someone else that I reached out to him recently, and that’s because you guys have put it on my heart. I don’t think he would completely shun me off even though our last meeting wasn’t exactly as, you know, as peaceful as usual.

Listen to Porter on Keith Thurman: https://twitter.com/SiriusXMBoxing/status/991122424220536832

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