Fans left stunned by David Haye manager Adam Morallee at presser

Bellew v Haye II 02/05/2018

Just days away the British public will get to witness Tony Bellew and David Haye lock horns once again at the 02 Arena in their eagerly anticipated rematch.

The pair were both present at Monday’s press conference in Liverpool to witness an astonishing rant delivered by Haye’s manager Adam Morallee.

Taking to the stage, Morallee began his outburst: The person who said ‘history always repeats itself’ was wrong. It doesn’t always repeat itself.

“Two things might repeat themselves. You lot screaming and shouting and Tony Bellew playing games. They may repeat themselves.

“But you know what won’t repeat itself? You know what, this time David Haye is going to win. This time he will, you know it as well. You know it and you (Bellew) know it.

“You can kid yourselves all you like, play your little games. Oh shout at me, oh that’s good. You’re wrong. You’re wrong guys. And Saturday night you’ll see.”

Watch the video by IFL TV

As you can imagine, fans were left stunned as Morallee attempted to break the internet…

Here’s the reaction his speech received on social media.