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Home » GBP’s Eric Gomez explains why Sadam Ali can’t reschedule Liam Smith bout, needs new May 12 foe

GBP’s Eric Gomez explains why Sadam Ali can’t reschedule Liam Smith bout, needs new May 12 foe

Smith was forced to withdraw due to an allergic reaction and was left gutted by the loss of his stipulated chance with just two weeks left until fight night.

“I’m bitterly disappointed that I have been forced to postpone my fight with Sadam Ali to a later date,” said Smith. “A recent illness has severely impacted on my training schedule, leaving me with no choice but to postpone the May 12th date.

“I’ve been out of training for eight days. We’re not sure exactly what was wrong with me but it appears to be some sort of allergic reaction.

“I’m not injured and I’m hoping that the fight can be rescheduled quickly.

“I’m gutted for Ali and all of the fans that were looking forward to watching the fight. I’d like to thank Golden Boy Promotions and my promoter Frank Warren for working on a new date for the fight.

“Ali is a World class fighter and I need to be fully prepared for when I step into the ring with him. I want to give the fans a fight to remember.”
As ‘Beefy’ remains hopeful the bout could go ahead a few weeks later, Golden Boy President Eric Gomez revealed that may not be possible as Muslim Ali will participate in Ramadan between May 14 and June 15.
Gomez wants to find a replacement – with the irony being Liam Williams, the man Smith beat to earn his chance, is in with a shout of replacing him.

“I notified him that there was this possibility,” Gomez told ESPN. “Sadam is disappointed. So I need to find a right-hander with a similar style. Sadam has been getting ready for two months.

“We need to try to find a new opponent because Ramadan is coming and during Ramadan, Sadam won’t be able to train, so if the date is postponed he’s looking at an even longer postponement.”

In a social media post, Smith reached out to Golden Boy with a request that just won’t be possible for Ali due to his religious commitments.

“Just to clarify, no one is more gutted than me on this, but all being said, if Golden Boy don’t find a suitable enough opponent, il be ready any date in June,” clarified the Liverpool man.