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Home » Prince Patel: SIX KO’s in 2018 lead to title chance this weekend

Prince Patel: SIX KO’s in 2018 lead to title chance this weekend

The 25 year-old, who left British shores behind when a deal with Frank Warren turned sour in 2016, has recovered from a year out of action to rack up eight straight knockouts, six of which have come since the turn of a busy 2018.

Patel is now on the verge of earning a place in the WBO Top 15 for May should the southpaw overcome Georgian Mishiko Shubitidze, 20, when the pair meet at the Szechenyi Sporthall in Szolnok on Saturday night.

Despite his tender years, Patel’s foe Shubitidze has fought 33 times since turning pro in 2014, winning 20 but losing ten and drawing three as he struggled to gain a foothold in the paid ranks.

Beginning as a massive favorite, Patel should easily take care of his opponent ahead of what should be far sterner tests to come for the man who once attempted to give Welsh former world champion Barry Jones a roasting live on Steve Bunce’s Boxing Hour.

Here’s a look at Patel’s form with and post-Frank Warren:

With Frank Warren:

2016-10-08 – PTS4 over Patrik Bartos (8-10)
2016-03-04 – PTS4 over Juan Hinostroza (3-5)
2015-10-30 – DRAW4 with David Koos (4-0)
2015-07-17 – PTS4 over Brett Fidoe (4-19-2)

Post Frank Warren:

2018-03-25 – KO1 over Vinjamins Dimovs (0-0)
2018-03-11 – KO2 over Ahmet Kuricaj (0-4)
2018-03-04 – KO1 over Eriks Kolasovs (0-1)
2018-02-10 – TKO1 over Aleksandrs Cebakovs (0-2)
2018-02-04 – TKO4 over Robert Kanalas (11-12)
2018-01-21 – TKO1 over Richard Voros (6-45)
2017-12-30 – TKO2 over Zsolt Sarkozi (6-2-1)
2017-09-23 – TKO1 over Krisztian Horvath (0-10)