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Home » Eddie Hearn reveals stipulation for AJ to accept Deontay Wilder deadline

Eddie Hearn reveals stipulation for AJ to accept Deontay Wilder deadline

Wilder guaranteed Joshua the $50m purse on Wednesday but stipulated the agreement must be in place by midnight on Thursday (Friday morning in the UK).

Hearn stated the email was clear in what was needed to make the fight happen, although the Matchroom boss wants some assurances before ‘AJ’ sets up more formal talks.

“We got an email from Deontay Wilder’s personal email address offering us a 50-50 split with a guarantee of $50m,” Hearn told Sky Sports.

“He said that in an interview, Anthony said, ‘give us £50m, and we will sign tomorrow’. So they have asked us to give them a written acceptance of the deal by tomorrow.

“With all due respect to Deontay Wilder, I don’t believe he has $50m. However, if they actually send some formal paperwork and a contract along with further details on how this money will be secured, we will definitely have to take this seriously.”


On what could happen if Wilder’s team can prove the funds are there from Al Haymon, Hearn added: “We have a meeting on Friday, so let’s see how real this is.”

Joshua stated quite publicly he wouldn’t dwell on making an offer of $50m from Wilder, and with the clock ticking, Hearn is working behind the scenes to ratify the contract.

Should the current top division king be happy with the confirmation from Hearn of the deal’s security, there’s no reason why the negotiations can’t run smoothly over the weekend.