Dave Allen makes HUGE claims regarding Tyson Fury, predicts DOWNFALL of Anthony Joshua


Lineal world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury hits harder than anyone but opts to inflict pain over time, says sparring partner Dave Allen.

Allen (12-3-2-KO9) is a two-time Commonwealth title challenger who has also sparred the likes of Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko – but says there’s nobody to match Fury (25-0-KO18) for power or boxing skills.

Allen said: “I’m at British title level but Fury can beat me with one arm tied behind his back. He’s that good.

“I’ve said for years that Fury is the heaviest puncher I’ve ever been in the ring with. When he sits down on his punches, I’ve never been hit so hard.

“To be honest, I think he simply enjoys inflicting pain and annoying people with his talent. He could sit down on his punches and knock people out but he enjoys boxing and annoying people.

“He’s come back a lot better than I thought he would – I thought it’d take a lot longer but he’s lost none of his boxing ability or athletic ability.

“Once he regains match sharpness after a few fights, he’ll dominate the division again. He’ll stand Joshua on his head.

“I know I sound like a massive fan. I AM a massive fan. He’s a brilliant talent.”

Fury makes his comeback on June 9 at the Manchester Arena – live on BT Sport.

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