Exclusive: Joe Joyce taken to new level by Ismael Salas as ‘brotherly’ bond forms with David Haye

Phil Jay 24/04/2018

Heavyweight ‘Juggernaut’ Joe Joyce is improving every day in training as the 2016 Olympic silver medallist edges closer to his first significant title fight.

The 32 year-old faces Lenroy Thomas for the Commonwealth crown on May 5 at the O2 Arena after racking up three straight knockouts since turning pro under promoter David Haye.

Victories over Ian Lewison, Rudolf Jozic and more recently Donnie Palmer have set Joyce on the path to domestic dominance and manager Sam Jones fully expects his mount to get there. 

Citing renowned trainer Ismael Salas as the main drive behind the improvements shown by Joyce inside the ring and in coaching sessions, Jones also says the Cuban has also helped Haye reach new heights ahead of his rematch with Tony Bellew.

“Joe Joyce is getting better and better. He’s punching harder and he’s moving better,” Jones exclusively told World Boxing News. “Everyone that’s been in with Joe knows he’s the real deal, but now Ismail Salas has taken him to a new level. I firmly believe he’s the best trainer in the world.

“As for David Haye, it’s scary what Ismael is doing in the gym with the both of them and they continue to break each other’s records in the gym.

“They don’t have a fighter and promoter relationship at all. It’s more like to brothers in there but the addition of Salas has been key.

“He’s an amazing character and his passion for boxing in unbelievable. On May the 5th you’ll see just how much Ismael Salas has brought to the table.

“The addition of Ruben Tobares has also been critical and he’s got both guys in unbelievable condition,” he added.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay