Leonard Ellerbe warns foul-mouthed Adrien Broner about behavior at Jessie Vargas presser

Broner v Vargas 20/04/2018

Amanda Westcott

Adrien Broner sent off several red flags at the recent press conference for his fight this weekend against Jessie Vargas.

The controversial four-weight world champion, who has been in trouble with the law several times since turning pro, set tongues wagging with his behaviour in Brooklyn.

Even Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe wasn’t safe despite Broner and Floyd Mayweather being close in the past.

Showing considerable disinterest unless asked to speak, Broner stunned the room with what came out of his mouth.

“This is a fake-a** press conference. I’m just ready to fight,” said Broner.

“I ain’t worried about Jessie. Honestly, this is a very important fight for my career on a serious level. I know he trained hard. I ain’t worried about that. I’m ready man. I’m ready to fight. We can fight right now and I know we’re gonna win.

“He didn’t win his fights when he stepped up. He lost.

“When you stepped up and you fought Timothy Bradley you lost and when you stepped up and you fought Pacquiao you lost, so shut that s*** up.

“I’m a 4-time world champion. I’ve been world champion at 147 before. Quit talking about all the losses. You ain’t them.

“And I know y’all are against me. Leonard Ellerbe here is against me. They with this b**** a** n**** and Leonard is a b**** a** n**** too.”

Ellerbe then cut in to warn Broner about his conduct, by saying: “You don’t disrespect me like that.”

That didn’t stop Broner, who continued with: “Shut up! You ain’t with me, you’re with Jessie.

“They want me to lose this fight, then go up under the rug and never be talked about again.”

Nicknamed ‘The Problem’, Broner is proving to be so as organizers attempt to see the event through without a hitch, although when AB is around there’s no telling what he may do.