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Important for Amir Khan to overcome self-doubts vs Phil Lo Greco

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Amir Khan returns to the UK after almost five years to rebuild his career, facing Canadian boxer Phil Lo Greco on April 21.

He has come a long way since winning the Olympic silver medal in 2004 and becoming a professional later.

The last time Amir Khan stepped into a boxing ring, in a packed Las Vegas arena consisting of 20,000 fans, on May 7, 2016, he had gone up against a much bigger Saul Canelo Alvarez. The Mexican professional boxer came from behind and knocked Khan out in the 6th round. Anyone who witnessed that fight would have every reason to wonder if Amir Khan should still fight again.

Disconcerting statements

Regardless of what people might say about him, Amir Khan has never lacked heart. Being 31 now and not having a lot of fights left in him, people were slightly disturbed to hear him say in a recent interview, “I don’t think those knockouts are going to affect me. I would rather get knocked out by one punch against Canelo than take numerous punches. I’ve not taken that many. I’m quite lucky that way.”

He further added that everything has been good for him lately. He’s been training hard and has been feeling better than ever. In his opinion, he’s at the peak of his career right now and is way more intelligent and fitter than he was at 28. Amir’s best performances have come after he’s been beaten. He always returned to the drawing board and worked on his skills to become a better fighter.

His fans are hoping for the best

Whether it is greed, delusion, or plain optimism driving him, his friends hope it’s nothing but the latter. Two years is a reasonably long time for competitive boxing, particularly in the lighter division where every year slows down one’s reflexes and experience doesn’t quickly repair the past wounds.

Amir is determined to start afresh and has signed a three-fight deal with the Sky and Matchroom. He parted ways with Virgil Hunter, his tutor from the West Coast, only a month ago under strange circumstances. The seasoned American trainer withdrew from the scene, citing unknown health problems and refusing everyone’s calls. Khan, after that, signed up with Joe Goossen, who has guided famous champions like Michael Nunn, Joel Casamayor, Gabriel Ruelas, and others.

Final word

It’s hard to say how Amir Khan will fare against Lo Greco. If he loses to Lo Greco, his career will end. The Canadian has never fought for a proper boxing title since he turned pro 12 years ago. Although Lo Greco has won 28 out of his 31 fights, it seems unlikely he’ll make it 29 this Saturday.