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Home » Mexican star discusses fighting US opponent wearing ‘Trump Wall Shorts’

Mexican star discusses fighting US opponent wearing ‘Trump Wall Shorts’

Seeing the borderline “Wall” shorts of his opponent, emblazed with the ‘America first’, motif brought out the true Mexican “Bandido” spirit in Francisco, who hammered him from pillar to post.

“I really hadn’t noticed his attire until I got in the ring. It was extremely offensive. I have many Mexican friends based in the United States and therefore I know how they feel about the position and treatment of the US President. Seeing my opponent dressed like that, convinced me that I ws representing our Mexico. I had to take the next step, which involved sending a clear message.

“It was a fight in which I felt very comfortable and in excellent physical condition, I’ve really seen a huge improvement with the direction of my coach Joel Díaz,” commented Francisco, who also confirmed that since surgery, he’s had no more cuts.

Francisco is also stressing that the only thing on his mind, in his focus and within his aim, is a rematch with Miguel Berchelt, because despite receiving various offers from other bodies “Bandido” ONLY wants the WBC belt, which he’s convinced is the very best of them all!

“I am a Green and Gold champion. This is my home and my family, I do not see myself wearing other colors. So it’s my desire to recover what I lost. No matter if I have to wait, I WILL be champion again!”