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Mayweather v McGregor in the Octagon: Is it Possible?

The Irishman’s lack of professional boxing experience was seen during the fight as the undefeated rocked him from all angles. McGregor gasped uncomfortably during the last two rounds until Mayweather cornered him late in the 10th, which eventually made the referee stop the fight.

It disappointed the majority as most were on McGregor’s side. However, it was pretty clear who had the upper hand even before the fight began — it was Mayweather. He had fought 50 games throughout his 20-year career and won all of them.

It would be a miracle to see a 0-0 boxer tarnish that record. The fight ended professionally with both players showing the highest level of sportsmanship. Some called it as a circus while there were those that said it was a close match.

Nonetheless, it seemed like nothing of these matters because it still boils down to money. It was reported that the game made over $1 billion, a huge sum of money by all means. So, what’s the best plan of action? Well, the answer to that is simple — a rematch.

That’s just what the reports said as the two have been rumored to be planning a rematch, not in the boxing ring, but inside the octagon. According to Omar Al Raisi of the Sports Journal, the rematch will happen inside the octagon but with modified rules.

If ever this fight pushes through, then it’d be wise for you to check out William Hill sports promo code or other sports bookmakers so that you’ll make the most out of this “done-deal.” Because after all, Conor McGregor is going to win this rumored fight no matter what.

As to what the rules will be, we still don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, and that McGregor will surely win this time around if this pushes through. Also, the report states that the fight will be promoted by three parties, namely by Mayweather, McGregor, and the UFC.

Though there is still no conclusive evidence that this is really happening, it’s worth noting that this report comes from the largest sporting news outlet in Dubai. However, this will be downright dangerous, not for the Irishman, but for the 40-year-old Mayweather.

First off, he’s a boxer and has zero experience fighting in the octagon, or any MMA bout. Boxing is just one of the many skills involved in fighting in the UFC. It wouldn’t also make any sense why Mayweather would want to risk his 50-0 record just to fight in another sport.

Well, it makes a lot of sense though if you’re going to make a lot of money, which is basically what will happen if ever the rematch pushes through. It would surely be a massive payday for everyone involved in the fight. It might even create an epic trilogy if ever McGregor wins this bout.

What makes this news more interesting is that it had been reported by some of the most prominent news companies in the world. ESPN, Fox Sports, Forbes, and even the Mirror reported about this possible fight.

Unfortunately, UFC president Dana White denies such reports. In fact, he called the news as the “dumbest sh-t” he heard, implying that it was hilarious and would never happen. With this, it’s safe to assume that these rumors remain as rumors and there’s nothing true about them.

However, it should also be considered that White’s statements aren’t official. They’re just his “reaction” on social media. Meanwhile, UFC commentator Joe Rogan commented about the issue and said that the rumored fight would only benefit McGregor.

This statement isn’t surprising as everyone knew the Irishman would dominate the fight. However, Rogan described it in detail, saying that Mayweather will be fighting with no shoes on inside an octagon.

He also forecasted that the modified rules might disallow elbows, knees, kicks, and submissions, but just clinches. But even though that’s the case, McGregor can still annihilate Mayweather through clinching.

Rogan said that a single overhook from the Irishman would put Mayweather in deep trouble. He also said that Conor is bigger and stronger. A single grab by the neck will surely give Mayweather multiple punches in the face, he added.

With these being said, there’s still no official confirmation as to whether this mega-fight will happen. But one thing’s for sure, and that the odds will be all-in on McGregor this time around.