EXCLUSIVE: Actor Jake Wood discusses Pound for Pound Podcast success, plans for the future

Joe Hewlett 17/04/2018

Award winning actor Jake Wood and former European boxing champion Spencer Oliver have enjoyed unprecedented success with their latest project.

The pair have collaborated yet again to produce a boxing podcast titled ‘Pound for Pound’ – which has received rave reviews from boxing fans, becoming the UK’s most popular sports show.

Wood, who is also the co-creator of Boxing with the Stars alongside Oliver, has admitted he has been delighted with how quickly the podcast has progressed.

“We enjoy doing it, myself and Spencer has good chemistry, we’re close friends and we’ve hit number one spot after 12 shows which is incredible – we’re over the moon,” Wood exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It took us all back by surprise. At the beginning, we wanted to see where we were after a year with it being a long-term project but to get the reach we’ve had in such a short time is something none of us expected.

“One of the things we noticed, the podcasts that do well are the ones that are out each week, so you have to be consistent. If people subscribe to you, they expect you to be doing one every week and I know from personal experience if you listen to a podcast and it goes off air for a few weeks then you start wondering where they have gone.

“We’d d been thinking about it for a while, checking out other podcasts and what was out there, and we realised that although there’s some great boxing podcasts, there’s nothing that’s a little more relaxed and maybe a little less formal.

“We try and have one guest for each episode and the lovely thing about podcasts is there isn’t any time limit so some of those have been over an hour long, if we’re getting great content then there aren’t any time restrictions,” he added.

pound for pound

In just 15 podcasts, the show has had a mixture of household names appear, including the likes of Tyson Fury, Ray Winstone and Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker.

Upcoming podcasts are set to feature two-weight world champion Carl Frampton as well as GMB’s anchor Piers Morgan.

With the podcast growing in stature by the week, Wood is looking to expand the brand further.

“We’ve had some interest (about a spin-off show), I don’t want to talk too much about that, but mainstream people have got their eyes on what we are doing. Towards next year we may do a tour and get some great guests on and do the podcast live which would be good fun. There’s lots of plans moving forward but the priority is to keep the podcast as high as we came and see where it takes us.

“The guests we’ve had on are incredible, every episode is amazing, we’re trying to do a podcast that we would get involved to and listen ourselves. You have had the likes of Gary Lineker, Ray Winstone, Tyson Fury, Billy Joe Saunders and Harry Holland. Boxing is an umbrella which brings everyone together, he concluded.

To listen to their podcast, click here

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