Exclusive: Kieran Farrell gives honest assessment of career after boxing, talks future ambitions

Chandler Waller 16/04/2018

Retiring after his English title bout with Anthony Crolla, it wasn’t long before we saw the fiery Kieran Farrell pop up again.

Obtaining a BBBofC trainer’s license and soon arranging his own shows in a management capacity, the former fighter talks exclusively to WBN about the transition.

“I got a trainer’s license and I had no-one to train. A fighter, if they did approach me and they had turned pro – I could train them, but the way I see it going; I didn’t have any ambition in training,” Farrell told World Boxing News.

“I didn’t want to train fighters and I’ve never really fallen in love with training fighters. I love training the kids and having a laugh in the gym but training fighters myself – it doesn’t do anything for me.

“People have said ‘oh you could train the next world champion, its the next best thing’ for me its not, I don’t get any buzz out of it at all as I prefer managing fighters.

“I wouldn’t like to disrespect managers because I had four in the space of three years as a pro but I just felt like they weren’t doing what I wanted.”

Farrell continued to say his past experience as a professional boxer has driven him to strive for what fighters want.

“I wasn’t one of those lads who wanted all this razzmatazz but you know what I was never involved in a public workout. That’s one thing where if you’re getting promoted – how am I getting promoted, how am I getting my name out there if I’m not even involved in a public workout.

“When I was with Hatton, they put on photo shoots in the gym and I was professional about it all, I did a little rant on Facebook the other day that fighters couldn’t make it. If Eddie Hearn was telling his fighters they had a photo shoot, there would be no chance Ted Cheeseman would say ‘sorry Eddie I can’t make it’.

“If anyone gets anywhere in boxing, why do you think they are getting somewhere, its because they’re 100% committed and that’s what I am to promoting like I was to my boxing career.

“I do think; I’m not trying to pretend to be somebody, I’m trying to become somebody myself, this is my own journey now and my fighters are going to benefit from being on my journey.”

Farrell reveals that his next move is to improve shows and go bigger and better, possibly moving away from small hall shows.

“I am actually trying to promote fighters, not just trying to put them in a show at a leisure centre. I’ll be honest – if you said to me put a show on at a leisure centre I’d say it’s s***, the shows at leisure centres are s***, no one wants to pay to see s*** fights at a s*** show.

“They’re boring, there’s no lights, no atmosphere, its boring so with regards to the promoting; putting all that money in, making sure that they’re really good shows. It’s dark and there’s smoke, music, ring girls – everything.

“That’s what I’ve been doing, putting the money into it again and we’ve got an announcement to make about our public workout in the shopping centre.

What small hall show have you seen with a public workout? I can’t name one so I’m buzzing to be able to announce that,” he added.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller