Mayweather v McGregor 2 ‘modified rules’ are ‘the dumbest s*** ever’


We’ve all seen the reports since the weekend and we’ve certainly heard the gasps as a reporter claimed to have the inside knowledge of rules for a Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor rematch inside the octagon.

Those altered rules, according to The Sports Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Omar Al Raisi, we’re some of the most farcical known to man for an MMA bout.

In several tweets on Sunday, Al Raisi laid down the ‘stipulations’ for what would certainly miss out on becoming the most lucrative combat sports event of all time later this year.

A day later, Al Raisi took to SiriusXM Radio to clarify his posts. He somewhat backtracked on the possibility of those becoming a reality.

“What I’m trying to say is, number one I’m not claiming that the fight is confirmed, absolutely not,” said Raisi on the show. “Whether there’ll be takedowns, elbow, or ground game – these are certain things that Floyd has stated. If a rematch happens it will be in the octagon with four-ounce gloves to build up interest, or else no one’s gonna buy it.

“Both parties have not agreed. There’s no pen to paper. These are certain things that were discussed. It went back and forth.

“We saw Floyd confirm it on Showtime. Dana White himself said the fight has a big chance to happen in the UFC. There is big money for Floyd Mayweather to accept it.”

Dana White, the UFC President, has now given his view on the situation and seems as baffled as anyone else.

“None of that is even close to true. Dumbest s*** I have ever head,” said White, completely correct in his damnation.

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If those rules were put forward in a UFC fight and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Mayweather would be laughed out of town for participating in what is just a glorified boxing match.


The 41 year-old has been training for some time to make his octagon debut, having left boxing behind when defeating McGregor in their original meeting last August.

‘The Notorious’ one was halted in the tenth round of what turned out to be a predictably one-sided contest, although this time around the prospect of Mayweather going into McGregor territory makes the fight all the more intriguing.

Battling in 4-ounce gloves without shoes with no kicking, elbows, knees or takedowns, wouldn’t even be an MMA fight. It would be something all on its own.

It’s basically a boxing match inside an eight-sided ring with smaller gloves. It gives Mayweather, the former pound for pound king, every chance of having success in the fight.

Fans would stay away from the costly pay-per-view in their droves and would only pay their hard-earned cash if Mayweather fights in a full-on MMA contest – as McGregor did in boxing.

If he does this, Mayweather can look to overtake his foray with Manny Pacquiao and will have the best chance of all to break the 2015 PPV record alongside McGregor.