WATCH: Video emerges of Floyd Mayweather and wounded bodyguard BEFORE targeted shooting

Floyd Mayweather Jim Gray


Former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather held a private party at a diner in Atlanta just hours before his bodyguard was shot in what police have since called a targeted attack.

In the clip obtained by TMZ Sports, Mayweather can be seen dancing as protector, named since the shooting as Greg La Rosa, keeps watch for any trouble.


Mayweather had quite the entourage present at the Waffle House party, which TMZ are stating began in the evening.

The 41 year-old then moved on to a nightclub to continue the night’s events before leaving and being aimed at by a shooter who injured La Rosa.

Police are still searching for the assailant and are investigating why Mayweather could have been the number one target.

‘Money’ had travelled to Georgia on Sunday after appearing on Showtime in Las Vegas to reveal all about his future in the ring.

A second fight with Conor McGregor is reported to be on the horizon, taking place inside the octagon with modified rules to be closer to a boxing match.

Watch the video by TMZ Sports