Introducing the Ultimate Boxxers: Drew Brown

Ringside 10/04/2018

Hailing from Northampton, Ultimate Boxxer contender #6 Drew Brown aims to show he’s the real deal.

ULTIMATE BOXXER I will take place at the Manchester Arena on April 27. Tickets are available from www.ultimateboxxer.com

Punching machine Drew Brown aims to stick the boot in and put Northampton on the world stage again by winning boxing’s exciting new tournament Ultimate Boxxer.

The undefeated 21-year-old enters the debut Ultimate Boxxer event on Friday 27th April at the Manchester Arena and believes he can win the tough one-night elimination contest and be crowned the first ever winner.

Usually boxers are born out of tough inner-cities, where hardship and few opportunities in life force them to fight their way out of poverty in a rags-to-riches story of world title glory.

However, Brown hails from the quiet market town of Northampton in the heart of England, often described as the Rose of the Shires, more known for its beautiful countryside, thatched cottages and parish churches.

Northampton was once the centre of the world’s boot and shoe making industry which gave rise to the nickname The Cobblers of the local football team. And Nearby Silverstone hosts the Formula 1 British Grand Prix at the iconic race track.

There’s never been a British boxing champion from Northampton and Brown intends to change that. The last Northampton fighter to challenge for the British title was hard-as-nails Alan Bosworth way back in 2002, Like Bosworth, Brown is a product of Far Cotton Amateur Boxing Club.

The diversity of contenders in Ultimate Boxxer gives all fighters who have not had the golden opportunities in their careers to really punch their way to glory and become boxing’s next big star – and Brown aims to be that man.

Brown, who has won all seven pro fights with exciting all-action style, said: “I can’t wait for Friday 27th April in Manchester and show everyone that I’m the Ultimate Boxxer,”

“I’m a fighter from a small town, maybe some people or my rivals in Ultimate Boxxer have never heard of Northampton, but they will do after this tournament,”

“I might not come out of an inner city, but I’ve still got the heart and desire for a fight, I’d warn them don’t mistake where I come from as weakness, underestimate me at your peril,”

“Ultimate Boxxer has given me an opportunity, regardless of my background, to be discovered, it’s a platform to showcase my talent to the world. When opportunities like this present themselves you have to grab it and that’s what I intend to do,”

“People in Northampton will remember me forever if I win it. That would put me in the history books,”

“I’ve been going to the boxing gym since I was 10 years old and I’ve been going there every day since with the aim of becoming a champion one day, the dream is the British title.”

The Danny Garcia fan won 32 of 42 amateur bouts and still trains at the gym where he started with ex-pro John Daly.

His gym mates include women’s world champion Chantelle Cameron, super-flyweight contender Nathan Reeve and Carl Fail, who last month won silver at the European Under-22 Championship.

“The vibe at the gym is amazing,” said Brown. “Everywhere I look I see champions and we all push each other.

“Chantelle is a machine. She is a real inspiration.”

“As soon as I heard about ‘Ultimate Boxxer,’ I thought; ‘This is right up my street.’

“The other fighters are six, eight and 10-round fighters. They want to jab and jab and walk you down, while I like to get stuck it and throw lots of punches.

“I’m confident I will be able to outwork them all and win this.”


Age: 21 
Record: 7-0-0 
Amateur pedigree: 42 bouts for Far Cotton Amateur Boxing Club in Northampton 
Trainer: John Daly/Spencer McCracken 
Cutman: Jon Pegg 
Strengths: Loves to fight.  Starts fast and throws lots of combinations. He will be big for the weight. Brown has been campaigning at super-welterweight 
Weaknesses: His tendency to get into a fighter means he sometimes forgets to jab
Punch power: No KOs yet in his pro career, but scored a knockdown in his last fight and throws plenty of punches. 
Speed: Good hand speed and pumps out punches in threes and fours  
Stamina: Drew likes to start fights fast, win the opening round, and has proved he can fight at a good pace in shorter fights
Anything else: He started boxing aged 10 and trains at the same gym as women’s world champion, Chantelle Cameron 


Football team: “You’ve got to back your local team so Northampton Town, but I also support Liverpool.”
Personal & Family life: “I’ve got a younger brother and sister. I live with my missus and our young son, Hunter. I work as a painter and decorator.” 
Music: “I like a bit of everything but Kid Rock is my favourite.”
Fashion: “T shirt and trainers, designer labels.”
Shoes: “Trainers.”
Toughest moment: “I snapped my wrist during an amateur fight, but I didn’t tell my coach, carried on fighting – and I won.”
Best moment: “Beating (England international) Louis Claridge in the amateurs and boxing as a pro in Northampton.”
Aspirations: “One day I want the world title, but that’s a long way away. I’ve got to go for the Midlands title, then the English and work my way up.”
Nutrition: “Spence (McCracken) helps me with this. I eat a lot of chicken salad.” 
Family Make-up: “I live with my missus and our little boy. He’s mad !” 


What got you into boxing? “It’s not all countryside and cottages were I’m from in Northampton, it was a tough area where I grew up and my mum and dad wanted me to be able to look after myself, so they took me to the gym.”
Who was your favourite fighter? “Danny Garcia does it for me.”
Amateur record and achievements? “I had 42 bouts for Far Cotton and won 32.” 
Who’s the best boxer you have sparred? “Frankie Gavin and Sam Eggington.” 
What are your best assets as a fighter? “I’ve got a high workrate and I’m big for the weight. I’m coming down from super-welterweight.” 
What do you know about other fighters in Ultimate Boxxer? “They are all good lads, but I’m not thinking about them too much.” 
Goals in boxing? “To be world champion one day.”  
Who would you like to fight after UB? “I’m looking to step up to six rounds.”
Favourite TV show? “Big Bang Theory.”
Favourite meal when not in camp? “Indian.”
Hobbies? “Shooting game and taking out my four dogs.”