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Home » Mike Tyson not impressed with Anthony Joshua, predicts KO in Deontay Wilder fight

Mike Tyson not impressed with Anthony Joshua, predicts KO in Deontay Wilder fight

A few mandatory obstacles remain in the way of a fight getting over the line, although if the fight does go ahead, Tyson seems to have edged favor towards the WBC ruler.

“Joshua looked like he’s the guy to do it (win all five belts) but in his last fight, he did not impress me in his last fight,” Tyson told Showtime Sports.

“(Deontay Wilder) is improving, he’s getting better. It will be a knockout. Somebody is getting knocked out,” he added.

In regards to the potential WBA roadblock having ordered Alexander Povetkin to get his shot by September, Wilder clearly wasn’t feeling the move by President Gilberto Mendoza.

“This is the biggest fight in world boxing,” Wilder told the BBC. “You mean to tell me that a mandatory is going to overshadow a unification world title fight? We would rather have this big fight.

“When Eddie (Hearn – Joshua’s promoter) wants an end-of-the-year fight, what he’s trying to do is put another fight in place before getting to me.

“What makes sense to me, and the entire world, is having a summer fight [and then] a rematch end-of-the-year fight.

“I go over to England, whoop AJ and at the end of the year we come to Vegas — or wherever makes sense — and have a great Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That sounds beautiful.

“We all know that Deontay Wilder wants the fight. Why would I shy away from it? They do not want this fight. Everything that has been going on that’s been slowing up this fight has been on their behalf.”

Wilder concluded: “Don’t let them fool you. At the end of the day it is Joshua’s decision. Do they work for him or does he work for them?”

Povetkin stepping aside seems the only way to keep all the belts on offer for Joshua v Wilder, although the Russian has gone on record to state he wants the fight next.

“I’m the mandatory challenger for Joshua. I look forward to the moment when I can compete against the best in the world,” said Povetkin.

“Anthony has four belts. I want this fight and I don’t even think about fighting someone else,” he added.