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Home » Ex-Nevada Senator Harry Reid talks Trump v Biden, GGG v Canelo and Conor McGregor

Ex-Nevada Senator Harry Reid talks Trump v Biden, GGG v Canelo and Conor McGregor

The retired 78 year-old, who left office in 2017 following 30 years overseeing his post, had the following to say on Gennady Golovkin, Conor McGregor and of course, serving US President Donald Trump.

His breakdown on who wins a boxing match between Biden and Trump

“Keep in mind Joe Biden was a terrific athlete. He was a sensational athlete in high school and a really good athlete in college. He was a running back. Fast. He is a tough son of a gun. Donald Trump is much bigger than he is; he’s much softer than Joe. Joe is in very good shape. I’ve been in a few fights; those on the street I’m not proud of. It would be a mismatch.”

Thought that GGG won the first fight with Canelo and hopes the rematch comes to fruition.

“I thought [GGG] won the first fight. That’s just me. Mayweather always felt Canelo was on something. He said ‘I’m gonna go ahead and fight him.’ Mayweather was interested in money and he thought it would hurt the purse. He went ahead and fought the guy and toyed with him.”

“I am glad the NSAC stepped forward and hope they do something that will allow the penalty to be retro and go back to when it first came out so that in six months or so they can have that fight. The world deserves the fight. These two guys want to fight each other and I hope that can be worked out; maybe this fall they can have the fight. In the meantime, GGG can fight somebody else.”

Conor McGregor’s actions at UFC 223 media day were inexcusable

“You can’t have someone come in and disrupt a fight card. Had to cancel three of the fights. He or people he was with threw chairs through windows; threw something at one of the buses the fighters were on; hurt one of them. This is inexcusable.”

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