Geovana Peres enters new WBA Rankings

Ringside 05/04/2018

Just announced , Multiple New Zealand Champion Geovana Peres is now ranked 5th in the World Boxing Association (WBA).

After her split decision win over Lani Daniels last month, WBA has put her 5th in their top 10 rankings.

The other New Zealander in the rankings is Alrie Melesiea, who was 5th place but now dropped to 9th due to inactivity.

In theory, Geovana can now compete for the WBA World title due to being ranked in their top 10.

As reported last week, there are already plans in place for a potencial world title fight as soon as 2019.

Geovana is set to take on either Nailini Helu or Lani Daniels in February 2019. If she wins that bout, then she may be about to take on Alrie Meleisea for the world title that year.

We will find out who will take Geovana in late july when Lani Daniels will defend her NZPBA title against Nailini Helu.

Congratulations to Geovana Peres for such a massive achievement. You have made both Brazil and New Zealand proud. First you conquered New Zealand and now the world.