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Home » Former UFC champion labels Deontay Wilder ‘disturbing’ for ‘wanting a body’ on his record

Former UFC champion labels Deontay Wilder ‘disturbing’ for ‘wanting a body’ on his record

Retired Tate, 31, was as surprised as anyone to hear Wilder’s desire to kill in the ring under his ‘Bronze Bomber’ persona and admits she was ‘disturbed’ by what she heard from America’s heavyweight title holder.

“You gotta think that fighters go to a different mental place when we fight. I know I do. I know when I soul-check myself at the end of the day, I don’t want to kill someone inside of a sports competition,” said Tate.

“I’m thankful that they are standing across the cage from me. Someone to push me, challenge me and test my abilities. I have a gratefulness towards that person.

“Now do I want to go out there and dominate? Of course. The purpose is to dominate, get a knockout or something. That’s the objective: to show your dominance. (But) I would never want someone to sustain a career threatening injury.

“I want to be as dominant as possible, but I don’t wish to hurt someone to the point where they couldn’t continue their career, and certainly, not to the point of death.

“I don’t have any ill-will towards someone at that level. It’s a little bit disturbing, to say the least.”

Wilder is yet to face any action for his comments amidst a WBC investigation into his words and is currently plowing on with efforts to land a massive undisputed unification with arch-rival Anthony Joshua.

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