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Promoter confusion between Golovkin, O’Sullivan and Saunders

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  • Frank Warren has stated that talks between Gennady Golovkin’s team over a fight with Billy Joe Saunders – potentially in June.
  • Gary O’Sullivan has accepted the opportunity to fight Golovkin on May 5th.
  • Saunders has promised Martin Murray he’ll fight him next.

All in a day’s boxing confusion.

So, how can Golovkin be fighting O’Sullivan on May 5th and be speaking to Saunders about a fight in June as the WBO champion confirms he’ll only throw hands with Murray on their scheduled June 23 date?

It seems a very delicate situation, but in an interview with the BBC, Warren confirmed his side of the bargain.

“We have had conversations (with Team Golovkin) and will speak later today and see where it goes,” Warren told the BBC.

“Provided Golovkin would be willing to fight in June, Bill would be available.

“I understand they are looking at 5 May in Vegas, but I am not sure if they will find an opponent or sell a show out in such a short space of time.”

Warren added that a decision would need to be made asap.

“We need to know soon and not let it drag on. There is a short window to do it, and we need to make a decision.

“In the meantime, we have not postponed the Murray fight, but if this one comes up in between, obviously we would consider it, provided the terms are OK.

“Bill would like to fight Golovkin. There is no doubt about that. Bill said he would fight him in his garden,” he said.

For his part, O’Sullivan clarified the situation from his end by releasing a statement.


Add to that Murray’s advisor and friend Andrew Mikhail releasing the following information coming from Saunders himself.

“Just listened to Billy Joe Saunders’ interview saying he gave his word to Martin Murray to fight him, and that’s what’s he’s doing next.

“You have to have the utmost respect for this lad. You can say what you want, but this lad is a top draw champion!”

Hopefully, things will be cleared up this week as it seems Golovkin’s promoter has a lot on his plate, with the smart money remaining on a GGG v O’Sullivan fight come to Cinco de Mayo.