Brain damaged man thinks he was KO’d by Chris Eubank Jr. in Japanese boxing match

George Groves Chris Eubank Jr


An unnamed and confused victim of a street attack in Swindon has been left with brain damage he believes was caused by Chris Eubank Jr.

The man was knocked out by a teenager, said to be 19 years of age, last October and has no prospect of further recovery, according to medics.

A court has heard how a ‘hefty punch’ laid out the man before he was stamped on, and who has since told authorities he suffered the life-changing injuries in a Japanese fight with the former IBO super-middleweight champion

CCTV footage was shown in court, where the attacker has pled guilty to the charges.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told This is Wiltshire: “He is still quite ill and there is no prospect of a substantial recovery.

“He, at the moment, thinks this was as a result of a boxing match in Japan where he was boxing against Chris Eubank Jr.”

Eubank Jr. last fought in February when defeated by George Groves at Manchester Arena and was once involved in a tragic boxing match featuring another Wilshire man, Nick Blackwell.

This is where the victim could be pulling his memories from as Blackwell was badly injured in a 2016 fight with Eubank, although the Japanese angle remains a mystery.

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