Heartbroken mum praises hero son Scott Westgarth as legacy lives on through organ donation

Scott Westgarth’s heartbroken mother Rebecca Marshall has described the tragic boxer as her ‘pride and joy’ after speaking out on his untimely death.

Aged just 31, Westgarth passed away on February 25 after winning his last contest over ten rounds against Dec Spelman in Doncaster.

Marshall described what many already knew, that Scott was a kind and thoughtful man, whilst opening up on the fact Westgarth saved SEVEN lives through organ donation.

“The joy has gone in my life, he was my pride and joy,” said Rebecca in an emotional interview with chroniclelive.co.uk.

“I watched the fight on telly and then his dad rang to say Scott had been taken to hospital for observation and was dehydrated. Then there was loads of commotion and John said he had to go.

“Then I got a call saying he had been put in an induced coma.

“It was horrible, he was basically brain dead but I couldn’t take that on board. Two nurses took me to one side and said they would do more tests but they didn’t carry any hope. It was then it really hit me.

“When they said they were taking him off the life support we couldn’t watch them take the air tube out. I had my hand on his heart and it was beating so strong. It seemed a life time but it wasn’t and he just slipped away.”

On helping others, Marshall added: “We have donated all his organs, except his eyes. I take comfort that Scott will be living on in someone else.

“He was the loveliest person around. He was a lovely young man and putting his boxing aside, I was so, so proud. The number of people who he met for even a short time and have been touched by him is amazing.”

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