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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder trainer Jay Deas makes Joshua v Parker prediction

EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder trainer Jay Deas makes Joshua v Parker prediction

Deas, a close confidant to Wilder for some years now, hopes a future fight with Joshua can be worked out in the near future as the pair push towards a future undisputed battle.

Asked his opinion on the imminent encounter, Deas exclusively told World Boxing News: “As for the fight, it’s a good one. Parker is a very good fighter and if he can handle all the craziness and extra demands on his time in Wales, so combined with the large crowd it will be interesting.

“This is all playing out perfectly for Parker. He’s an undefeated Champion and everyone is asking Joshua about Wilder!

“If I’m Parker this is a great scenario. That being said I still give the advantage to AJ in a tough fight,” he added.

Joshua was asked whether he sees Parker as his toughest challenge but answered by giving that honor to Wladimir Klitschko before answering a question on whether he beat an old Ukrainian on the famous Wembley night.

“Is Mayweather too old to still fight you think?” said Joshua, pointing to the fact they are both the same age. “People still say Mayweather is still young and that he can still compete.

“The difference is, lighter weights struggle to maintain their finesse because they have to stay on a diet. They starve their body of nutrition.

“Heavyweights mature later. When Klitschko lost, everyone who knows boxing knew he wasn’t in the right mind frame. When he came to fight me, I just knew. He didn’t say he’s in great shape. He didn’t say he was feeling strong, but he said he’s obsessed. When your mind is right, the body will follow.

“That win against Klitschko was tough, I didn’t take him to points. I didn’t go there to steal the belt. I took it with both hands and it was a great fight for the history books. I’m not looking for credit, I know what that fight was and what it meant to me.”

On Deas-coached Wilder and his recent win over Luis Ortiz, Joshua said: “After 10 years as a professional and 40 fights in, Wilder’s done what he’s supposed to do. He’s supposed to win. He’s supposed to beat someone like Luiz Ortiz.

“After 10 years of any craft. Let’s say you’re working in sales and you can’t sell a person that Mercedes-Benz or whatever car it is, you’ve got big issues.

“Wilder’s had that experience to be able to dominate that division. He just did what routinely is supposed to happen and get the win. He struggled a bit, but he got there in the end.

“That’s all that matters. That’s what shows up in the history books, a W. So, I’m happy for him,” he added.