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Home » Anthony Joshua (12lbs), Joseph Parker (9lbs) come in LIGHTER on the SCALES for unification clash

Anthony Joshua (12lbs), Joseph Parker (9lbs) come in LIGHTER on the SCALES for unification clash

‘AJ’ looked lean and mean on the scales as FOUR THOUSAND people witness his scaling for what will be the biggest fight of his career in Cardiff.

Joshua registered 242.2 pounds for the contest, whilst challenger Joseph Parker came in a full half a stone and more lighter than for his battle with Hughie Fury.

Parker came in a 245 pounds for Fury, although was much trimmer at 236lbs for his imminent encounter with the world’s top division ruler.

Fight night is just hours away now as Joshua and Parker fight it out for a quartet of title belts at the Welsh National Stadium.

“Because I know about the history of the sport. I know how easy it is to be forgotten about. I just realize that this is my time and I have to capitalize and maximize and do what’s right for me,” said Joshua during the build-up.

“This isn’t about being the fan favorite. I’m not here to be pat on the back. I’m here to handle my business in the best way possible and when it’s all said and done be content with the decisions I’ve made.”

Parker stated: “I think being active has worked well for us. I watched that fight. He did really well in terms of coming back and showed a lot of heart to get back up off the canvas and finish off the fight and getting the win.

“Coming into this fight, we’re young, we’re hungry and I think if we did get him in trouble there’s no waiting for us. We know how to finish off a fight.

“We know how to put on the pressure and get him out of there. He has strengths and weaknesses like every other fighter has and we’ll come up with a good game plan which I believe in and if I execute, I think we’ll get the victory.

“Last year wasn’t our best year and I wasn’t close to what we can actually do in the ring.

“They probably saw a lot of things that they could work on to get to us but we’re a totally different fighter now from where we were last year. We’ve improved on a lot of things and we’re going to show everyone what we’ve been working so hard on in Vegas.”

” My team has done a great job to get neutral officials and my focus is on the fight. I want to go out there and do my best.

“Whatever happens, happens. But I trust that the officials will do the right thing and give the right decision.”