EXCLUSIVE: Promoter Eddie Hearn gives his take on the Canelo v Golovkin 2 situation

Joe Hewlett 29/03/2018

Will the rematch between Canelo and GGG happen? That’s the million-dollar question on everybody’s lips. 

The mega-fight has been thrown into serious doubt following the Mexican’s positive testing for clenbuterol.

Canelo’s team have claimed the substance to have came from contaminated meat, a claim which has been met with a mixed response from fighters and critics alike.

Eddie Hearn spoke to WBN in London about the controversial topic. 

Asked if he believed Canelo’s reputation had been tarnished, he exclusively told World Boxing News: “Forever –  we don’t know if it was intended or not, but it doesn’t look good.

“If he was deliberately cheating, then he should never fight again. If he was unlucky, then I feel sorry for him because he’ll never be able to get over it, in a credibility point of view. And also, it’s down to you to what you put in your body, if you took a supplement that contained something you didn’t know about then don’t touch it.


“It doesn’t look good or look quite believable, but he may be innocent. The problem is now, it’s got nasty between the both of them and it’s actually going to be a great build up. But at the same time, you have to respect the code of the sport, so who’s going to make the ruling, is it the commission?

“The only thing we can do is go with your gut, but you shouldn’t be banned by someone making the decision based on their gut.

“All we know is he failed a test with clenbuterol. “Are the commissioners going to ban him for the fight? Probably not. The thing you know now is, he’s going to be clean for the fight.”

The Matchroom mogul admitted his main role is ensure the safety of boxers during his boxing events and applies strict rules for his fighters to abide by. 

“What is done is done, the only thing that would be important in my mind as a promoter is that this guy is clean when he is fighting against my guy. And all of my big championship fights have VADA testing from 12-14 weeks out.

“Parker signed up to the VADA testing straight away and Joshua has always done so. They’ve been tested a dozen times during camp, it’s the only way to make sure the fighters are clean,” he concluded.

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Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95