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Cancellation hanging in the balance, Canelo unfazed by MGM’s Golovkin rematch refunds

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In a late round of serious speculation on Wednesday, a tweet from Las Vegas reporter Gilberto Manzano had a lot of people in hysterics. The truth is, ANY FIGHT under a cloud would offer refunds to fans, especially if a decision was going to be made less than a month before the battle.

This is purely the venues way of giving people the option of not taking the risk with travel expenses, hotels and such, as a good night could still be had by all should a solid replacement by drafted in for Canelo.

As it stands, the second fight between Canelo and Golovkin is no more in jeopardy today than it was yesterday (before the Manzano tweet) and could still go either way once the Nevada State Athletic Commission weigh everything up.

Executive Bob Bennett is correctly keeping his distance from the media as the NSAC mull over what evidence they have that Canelo indeed intentionally took a banned substance.

Golden Boy certainly doesn’t seem worried about the outcome, which at worst would mean the Golovkin rematch is postponed until September, whilst Canelo remains focused on the date laid down by his team.

The Mexican superstar is ‘business as usual’ and training as hard as ever for his regular Cinco de Mayo date, as two recent video posts by GBP have shown.

Canelo has also revealed his displeasure at Golovkin’s recent Big Bear outburst, which only puts more needle into the mix as the pair continue to work hard with just five weeks left until fight night.

Should the clash be shelved at this late stage, Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler is hopeful of holding onto the Las Vegas show, which could partly be why the refunds are being offered (to see how many people would keep tickets for ‘GGG’ if Canelo was eventually pulled).

Everything at this point – including any second-guessing – is purely speculation.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay