Britain’s answer to Butterbean tearing up the Bareknuckle scene

Billy ‘Bang Bang’ Hawthorn is Britain’s answer to Butterbean.

He’s built like a darts player – 5ft 8ins tall and 17 stones – and knocks everyone out !

The 25 year old from Wallsend is a real favourite with bareknuckle boxing fans – and his explosive up-and-down punch ups have been seen by millions on the net.

Hawthorn and ex-pro boxer Nathan Joseph were involved in a dramatic double knockdown last year.

Both hit the floor after landing punches simultaneously in the opening seconds. “I remember hitting the floor,” said Hawthorn, “and my corner shouted: ‘Get up ! He’s down too !’”

Both got up and seconds later, Hawthorn chinned Joseph !

That’s had more than a million views on the net – and footage of Hawthorn’s clash with James Hearn has also had thousands of hits.

“He taunted me and my family for weeks before the fight,” said Hawthorn, “and when he put me on the floor in the first round, he started shouting at me.

“I had to get up.”

Hawthorn did get up and went on to iron out Hearn with a sledgehammer right hand in the second round.

“I’m not sure it’s the best punch I’ve thrown,” he said, “but it was the most satisfying !

“I’ve always had that punch ever since I was a kid. It just comes naturally.”

Hawthorn has nine KOs on his 10-3 bareknuckle boxing record – and could have another early night in Coventry on Friday, May 11.

Black Country tough guy Scott ‘Bam Bam’ Whetton is coming out of the other corner and Hawthorn said: “If I land cleanly, it’s over.

“But then again, if he lands cleanly on me, it’s over. That’s the way bareknuckle boxing is.”

Hawthorn started off as an amateur boxer, having around 40 bouts, and rather than turn professional, he’s stuck with unlicensed and bareknuckle boxing.

“There’s not an awful of pro boxing in the North East,” said Hawthorn, “and I’m happy enough doing what I’m doing.”

Hawthorn gets his drive from his four-year-old daughter, Jaimie. “I’ve got her full time now and I train when she is at school,” he said. “Jaimie is my inspiration. I want her to be proud of her dad. I don’t want her to have a dad who sits down the pub all day. I want to win titles.”