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Anthony Joshua rematch purse split favours Joseph Parker, reveals promoter David Higgins

In a previous and exclusive interview with WBN, Higgins had outlined the potential venues without going into details regarding which way the money would be split.

“I don’t know if you would put it in New Zealand because of the value of it is a lot more in Europe. it would depend on what happens but it would likely be in Europe,” Higgins exclusively told World Boxing News.

“You would want to take it to where the biggest market is and the biggest market for a Joshua v Parker fight is in the UK.

“We must also remember that New Zealand has four and a bit million people less and with time zones and all that, generally fights happen where they are the most valuable.

“If the New Zealand government came to the party we could certainly look at that, but I don’t know one thing I can say is that we are not negotiating with anyone else until we have finished with Anthony Joshua.

“You could swap it round if you have a good lead time but last time it got a bit tight for time and there’s a long history of locations paying sight fees because boxing brings revenue tourism.

“It also brings a global television profile and all that has a value but you need a lead time. I mean they don’t work with a two month turn around so if we are going to look at that we would have to get together early and collaborate if that did happen the teams have been working well together so things could turn around fairly quickly.”

Elaborating during fight week, and speaking according to The Daily Mirror, Higgins confirmed Parker would get the lion’s share of a return with Joshua.

“The rematch is a roll-over of a co-promotion deal, so major decisions would be jointly made.

“So the answer is we would jointly consult and despite the banter, the two teams have worked well together commercially.

“The split favours Joe. Normally fights end up where they make the most economic sense so I would think it would be in Europe in summer, probably outdoor, but we’re not focused on that. We’re only focused on Joshua.”

Obviously, unless Parker pulls off a shock there won’t be any rematch to speak of.