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Punters piling on Joseph Parker to defeat Anthony Joshua at 6/1

Parker is entering the clash at the Principality Stadium this weekend as a 6/1 underdog, but that hasn’t dissuaded punters from piling on the New Zealander.

He’s attracted 61% of all bets in the last 24 hours, with plucky punters either thinking he has a genuine path to victory or are keen on pouncing on the lopsided odds.

Anthony Joshua is 1/8 to win the fight, meaning in layman’s terms that if you placed £8 on him to win – you would only win £1 profit.

However, he has only received 36% of all bets, in a two man contest, despite being the media darling and main hope for British fight fans.

Despite Parker receiving the lion’s share of bets on the bout, AJ is receiving the big stakes. Punters have been staking thousands on AJ winning in various rounds.

Oddschecker spokesperson George Elek said: “As with the atypical betting on boxing bouts, the underdog always generates more attention than the big favourite.

“However this is slightly different considering the kind of prestige AJ holds within the UK, and is being categorically dismissed by punters betting on the event.

“The sheer amount of bets on Parker is surprising, to say the least, considering Joshua’s unblemished record and the fact that one of the greatest heavyweights of all time – Wladimir Klitschko – failed to defeat the behemoth that is Anthony Joshua.

Betting Summary:

· Punters are siding with underdog Joseph Parker despite being 6/1

· Parker has attracted 61% of all bets on the bout, compared to AJ’s 36%

· The big stakes have been placed on AJ, with punters staking thousands on his round betting

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