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Home » Exclusive: Promoter / boxer Jamie Anderson talks future, eyes busy schedule

Exclusive: Promoter / boxer Jamie Anderson talks future, eyes busy schedule

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The show on the 17th March progressed early careers boxers with some making their debut. Anderson already has plans for his next show, as he told WBN in an exclusive interview:

“Yeah I mean Empire it’s not a flash in the pan, I’m fighting on the 26th May, we’re gonna do another show on then and that will be announced this week for Bowlers (in Manchester).

“I don’t know if we can book it before that. We probably haven’t even started that event.”

Anderson gave his idea of what Empire stands for, by adding: “Going forward, we’re probably going to look at doing another 2-3 show after that, but the idea of what we want to do is to create something that is unique and strong as well.

“I’ve got people and fighters are wanting to come on board and they’re excited about what I’m doing.”

Anderson came from a sales background, with a huge heart for boxing, he explained how he entered promoting and fighting: “I’m fresh in the industry, I came from a sales background with a love for boxing.

“I fought as a novice in championships as an amateur and I’ve done a few white collar so diligently I’ve not got a huge background in boxing.”

Thinking the long game, Anderson wants his promotion company as something to keep himself involved after his fighting career.

“What I’m looking at doing is building Empire Boxing Promotions for the future, so I’ve got something to carry on with boxing after I’ve done what I want to do with boxing personally.

“One of the things that I get a lot of good feedback on is a lot of the fighters; I speak to them regularly. I’m in the gym with them every day, I train with them, I’m on the pads, you see me dropping the weight, see me in the sauna suit.”

“I get a little bit of a different respect level with these guys. They’re side by side with me, I know about their opponent, I’m pushing them in the gym myself, so not only am I managing and promoting them, Gary Booth is training us and I promote us but its business when we’re in the gym.

“The guys can see that, they see everything. It’s one of the things that I keep stressing to the guys in the gym; everything is under one roof – you don’t pass from pillar to post. People in this industry they talk, it’s like the male version of a hairdressers.

“As soon as someone says something, it gets around pretty quick, the good news spreads just as good as bad news. It was a good show as well which is a good thing because it puts us on the map.

“The music was good, the show was good, for a small hall show; what we’ve achieved I’m quite happy with.”

Anderson also had time to clear up his own professional career as to when he would be fighting next, he replied to WBN:

“It’s not confirmed yet but I spoke to Greg Steve and he wants to put me on a show in London. I’m going to try and fight regularly; on a monthly basis, whether it be one of my shows then someone else’s show and then one of my shows as well.”

He aims to reach the light heavyweight division which is currently booming domestically and worldwide, planning to add another two stone to the 3.5 he has already lost.

“I’m 32 so I need to, I’m in the gym every day and training, I want to get down to light heavyweight over this next month so 14 stone 12 pounds for that one, so I’m going to try and lose another two stone by May or end of May,” added Anderson.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller