Anthony Joshua talks preparations, what he’s worked on in training for Joseph Parker

Joshua v Parker 26/03/2018

Lawrence Lustig

World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is gearing up for fight week in what could be the most important match-up of his career against Joseph Parker this Saturday night.

The WBA, IBO and IBF champion bids to add the WBO version to his haul against the undefeated New Zealander, and like the Mobile Pokie Reviews is all about the end game of winning.

Joshua heads into the contest a massive favourite to have his hand raised and says training has been nigh on perfect with just days to go until his huge four-belt battle against a fellow world champion.

“Preparations have gone really well, so far, so good. I do believe a happy fighter makes a good fighter,” said Joshua.

“For the experience over my last few fights in 11 months have gone 11 rounds, 10 rounds, have been a blessing. I’ve learned about training camp and I’ve learned about myself.

“It’s the first time I’ve kind of voiced up to my coach man-to-man. I’ve said, ‘Look, this is what I’ve thought was working and this is what I feel isn’t working. Can I have your input and can we make some changes?’.

“Not in a sense of how he’s training me. Just in terms of schedule and it’s been really good.

“I’ve had some cruiserweights come in sparring for speed, some big heavy hitters who throw big right hands and left hooks and wait for me to make a mistake.

“We’ve been sparring 15 rounds. And honestly, I’ve been doing this for 10 years now if I rack up my amateur career and my pro career. And you know the 10,000-hour rule. I’m starting to get confident. I’ve had the ability but I think I’m matched up with my mindset now and I’m feeling really good and confident ahead of March 31.

“When I look at boxing now, everybody talks about what I need to do to be a great champion and it seems to me that it’s a right hand and a good chin.

“We might as well go to the nightclubs around England and America and just find the biggest and ugliest looking guy and he’ll become heavyweight champion.”

On what it will take to retain his position at the top of the sport, Joshua added: “What I need to do to become a great champion is just work on my all-around game. The fundamentals. We’re talking about balance, footwork and understanding the distance between being in range and out of range. Perfecting your jab. Use your jab 50 times before you throw your right hand.

“Let’s make sure your right hand is in the right position to defend a left hook in case you get countered. Everything. That’s why I say when I fought Wladimir Klitschko, he had enough time to make mistakes and come back and reign supreme as a champion.

“So over time, in these types of fights I’ve had early on in my career, I’ve learned what will play massive roles later on when I become one of the dominant fighters in the heavyweight division.”