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Home » Golden Boy defiant over Canelo: Tested clean more than 90 times!

Golden Boy defiant over Canelo: Tested clean more than 90 times!

Canelo has been punished by the NSAC for his adverse findings containing traces of Clenbuterol. An investigation over two positive tests in February have cast doubt over a confirmed middleweight title fight with current king Gennady Golovkin.

“Mr. Alvarez is temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his adverse analytical findings, that being clenbuterol, on Feb. 17 and 20,” Bennett told ESPN.

“A commission hearing is scheduled for April 10, 2018, to hear from Mr. Alvarez.”

Earlier this week, scheduled opponent Golovkin had questioned the integrity of Canelo, leading most to believe the fight would be called off at some point.

“Again with Mexican meat? Come on. I told you, it’s not Mexican meat. This is Canelo. This is his team. This is his promotion. … Canelo is cheating,” said Golovkin.

“They’re using these drugs, and everybody is just trying to pretend it’s not happening. It was pretty obvious when (his) muscles were all (enlarged before the first fight) … and with the traces of injections, which were visible.

“I can talk about Oscar De La Hoya, too. He is also not clean. He’s dirty. Ask any doctor. Let him explain what those (muscles) are. It’s better even to use the lie detector.

“Then there wouldn’t be any silly questions about meat or fruits or chocolate,” he added.

A big question mark now hangs over the Cinco de Mayo blockbuster as fans and participants are forced to wait until just over three weeks before the bout to know the final decision.

Golden Boy have since spoken out over the Canelo case and will predictably fight his corner.

“We respect the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s process and will vigorously present Canelo’s case throughout,” Golden Boy Promotions spokesman Stefan Friedman said in a statement to ESPN.

“Over his career, Canelo has tested clean more than 90 times and would never intentionally take a banned substance.”