WATCH: Surgeon outlines procedures carried out on Joseph Parker, predicts more speed and power

Joseph Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry has today revealed that the WBO Heavyweight Boxing champion has been nursing pain and restriction in both his elbows for more than two years.

In November 2017, the team elected to have one of New Zealand’s best orthopaedic surgeons correct the injuries.

Barry is delighted to confirm the results of the surgery have been nothing less than fantastic with Parker regaining maximum speed and power for the first time since 2016.

Surgeon Craig Ball explains how the events transpired.

“I’ve been a professional orthopaedic shoulder and elbow specialist for over 15-years so this is very common surgery for me to do. It was remarkable what he was able to do before he needed the operation, particularly with his boxing, given the findings that he had at the CT at the time of surgery.

“A very unusual thing that I’ve observed is how quickly he was able to get better afterwards and obviously the aim was to improve the range of motion but more importantly in my professional opinion­­, I think by losing that impingement pain that he would have, that will almost certainly give him a little bit more speed and probably power with his punch too because he’s not having that pain limiting him every time he’s trying to throw something”.