EXCLUSIVE: Manager Adam Morallee gives David Haye camp update, talks Tony Bellew & May 5

Joe Hewlett 20/03/2018


Following David Haye’s pull-out from his highly anticipated rematch against Tony Bellew in December, fans were left wondering whether the fight would be rescheduled.

However, after working relentlessly to recover from a freak bicep injury, Haye will get the chance for redemption against Bellew on May 5 at the 02 Arena.

‘The Hayemaker’ has admitted nothing less than a sensational KO is required if the Londoner is to pursue his dream of conquering the heavyweight division. And Haye’s business lawyer, Adam Morallee, is certain of the result being reverse this time around.

“His injuries have healed very well, the bicep and achilles, I’m very confident he’s going to be successful in May and will produce a knockout,” Morallee exclusively told World Boxing News.

“David and the team have left no stone unturned. What was sad about December was that David looked in phenomenal shape and I’m looking forward to people seeing how he looks under the training of Ishmael Salas – not to say Shane wasn’t great but Salas brings something different.

“He brings a real scientific feel to camp and everything is analysed from the punches to videos being watched back and David’s level is impressive. David lost fair and square in March, but to stay in the ring for many rounds before the towel got thrown in with an achilles tendon snapping from his leg shows he has incredible heart

“The public want to see people who care, have heart, got courage and can battle. David showed his quality there which everyone would have admired,” he added.

Despite the traumatic injury suffered by Haye in their first encounter, many believed the Scouser had won part of the battle through their war-of-words prior to the bout.

‘Bomber’ Bellew has questioned the morales of Haye and is adamant the former two-weight world champion is pretending to be gracious since defeat.

However, Morallee refuted those claims.

He concluded: “All Tony wants to do is talk about other people. Every press conference all he wants to do is chat about how Haye doesn’t respect him or Haye is being fake. He doesn’t want to talk about himself. He is continuously talking about other people and that says a lot about him.

“David has been very clear, he lost, and Tony won, there is no sugar coating it. When you get defeated you need to fully accept it.

“I’ve got respect for Tony, he’s a hard-working and professional athlete who is committed and leaves it all on the line with incredible heart, but I don’t know why he always want to talk about other people.

“Form is temporary, class is permanent. Haye will prove that on May 5.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95