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Home » Carlos​Cañizales claims WBA light-flyweight belt with UD

Carlos​Cañizales claims WBA light-flyweight belt with UD

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The Venezuelan traveled to the Asian country to face a fight of undefeated boxers for the body’s belt and got cards of 116-111, 115-112 and 114-113, to win the crown.

Cañizales took advantage of the first phases of the fight to mark distance and went strong with his straight right, with a power that started to be felt by the Japanese.

In the third round, the South American connected a right to Konishi’s face, which sent him to the canvas, and attacked him with everything he had, but the Japanese managed to survive the round.

Since then, the local fighter began to improve considerably and to put a lot of pressure on the Venezuelan. Konishi lived his best moments in the intermediate phases of the fight with an insistent punching to the body and a considerable pressure, before a Cañizales who mas managing his energy.

In the eighth round, the new champion went back on the offensive and resumed his pace with a second start that was key in order to prevail in the fight. “CCC”, as Cañizales is nicknamed, closed the fight very well and got the victory with good scores.

Now, Cañizales has 20 wins, no losses, 1 draw and 16 knockouts, while he broke Konishi’s unbeaten record, who is left with 15 wins, 1 loss and 5 knockout