Terry Carruthers explains bareknuckle boxing move ahead of return

Brummie bruiser Terry Carruthers says he’s switched to bareknuckle boxing because he wants 50-50 fights where the best man wins.

Carruthers has ditched his gloves after 38 pro fights and has thrown a verbal left hook at his former sport ahead of his fight in Coventry on Friday, May 11.

“You don’t get robberies in bareknuckle boxing like you do in the pros,” said the 32 year old who battled Chris Eubank jr and lost a British-title eliminator as a pro.

“Most fights end by knock out and you’ve got no complaints if you get knocked out !

“They are all 50-50 fights – and one punch can change everything. You can either get knocked out or cut. To me, that’s exciting. I love it – and the crowd do too. I used to struggle to sell tickets, but now people have found out I’m fighting bareknuckle, I keep getting: ‘I need 10 tickets, Tez.’

“Selling tickets for small-hall shows in the pros used to be a nightmare and when you fight away from home, it’s so hard to get the decision.

“You have to knock them out if you want to win.

“Either way, pro boxing is hard. There’s so much more to it than just boxing.”

Carruthers turned pro just after his 19th birthday with only a handful of amateur bouts behind him and hardened by working on Birmingham’s doors since he left school.

He won Midlands honours and reached a ‘Prizefighter’ final, but said: “To get anywhere in the pros, you need the right backing, the right people around you.

“But in bareknuckle boxing you just get in there with the other guy and the best man wins.

“I have a huge heart, want to fight, but don’t want to box pro anymore and this looks perfect for me.

“You can’t take any opponent lightly in bareknuckle boxing. There aren’t any journeymen and you can’t look to ride punches or take them on the shoulders because they will still hurt and could still change the fight.”

Carruthers made his BKB debut last summer and drew with Jimmy McCrorry.

“I didn’t have a mark on me afterwards,” said Carruthers, who works installing gym equipment for Redditch-based Parkway Fitness.

“I just stayed on his chest.

“I didn’t really train for that, but for this one, I’m doing my eight-mile runs and training the way I did when I was a pro.”

Carruthers meets Danny Anderson at the Sports Connexion and said: “I know he’s rangy and strong.

“I’m told that technically, he isn’t the greatest, but in bareknuckle boxing all it takes is one punch – and that’s what I love about it.”

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