Julio Cesar Chavez opens Boxing Studio in Mexico City

Superstar Julio César Chávez inaugurated the JC Chávez Boxing Studio, located in the west of Mexico City.

Mexico’s all-time greatest boxer was at hand at the gym where there is no ring! Just exercise equipment, negating the need of fisticuffs.

The event was attended by renowned former world champions Pipino Cuevas, Humberto Chiquita Gonzalez, Jackie Nava, Daniel Zaragoza, Guadalupe Pintor, who’ve swapped a lot of leather in their time, plus popular actor Armando Hernández, who’s aptly the protagonist of the popular television series ‘El César’.

“I’m excited about this because it’s something new for everyone and I’m sure it will have a great response,” he stated.

The gym of Mexican Boxing’s General will open doors to the general public next Tuesday.