Harper to face Zerafa as Buttigieg is injured again, stripped of Commonwealth title

Ringside 16/03/2018
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Following the withdrawal again through injury of Commonwealth Superwelterweight Champion ANTHONY BUTTIGIEG from his proposed defence of the Title against ADAM HARPER of England, re-scheduled to take place tonight in Melbourne, the Directors of the Commonwealth Boxing Council have declared the Title vacant.

This match, originally scheduled for last year but postponed following injury to the Champion, was mandated by the CBC during the course of their AGM last September, and was required to take place before the end of March 2018.

A match between Harper and MICHAEL ZERAFA of Australia, who satisfactorily passed a weight check 15 days beforehand, was agreed by a sub-committee of the CBC to be for the vacant Championship, but this sanction was conditional on the Champion vacating voluntarily.

Although advice was received from parties close to Mr Buttigieg that he was agreeable to this, no advice in writing from the boxer himself, as requested, was received at this office.

Consequently, a decision was sought from the full CBC Board to declare the Title vacant pursuant to CBC Rule 2.5 and new Rule 2.10 (e), passed at last year’s AGM.

The Directors voted in favour and the Title is now vacant. The Harper v Zerafa match now proceeds for the vacant Title.

It is unfortunate that no formal advice was received from Mr Buttigieg as this would have preserved some rights for him for a further Commonwealth opportunity if and when he is fit to resume his career.

Nevertheless, the CBC sympathises with his situation, having been forced to curtail his career immediately after his Commonwealth Title success, and we wish him speedy recovery.

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