SHOCKER: Luis Nery tells WBC he was ‘over-hydrated’ in camp, COLLAPSED during training

RINGSIDE 13/03/2018

Naoki Fukuda

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman confirms that the Board of Governors is considering the course of action concerning former bantamweight champion Luis Nery who came along with his team, for an audience, which the WBC requested.

Deeply concerned about the reports presented by the boxer, the WBC’s President was emphatic in saying that it is necessary to guide the fighter regarding unsafe practices of some pseudo-trainers / physical trainers, who without showing any scruples put into practice nutritional techniques to “Take care of the weight.”

He explained that Luis was subjected to a regime of “overhydration” where he had to drink seven liters of water plus some special milkshakes and his regular diet. At one point he collapsed!

All of this led him to be six kg overweight in the week of the fight, reaching the Weigh In two kilos of overweight, losing his title on the scale.

Despite this ruling, the fight against Shinshuke Yamanaka took place, even though the risks were very high indeed.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman stressed that this case will be examined with a thorough and comprehensive investigation.

Not only to determine the penalty for Nery, but also to prevent people like these to continue putting at risk the lives of boxers who rely on them.

He also said: “A boxer who is willing to do uncertain things proposed by third parties…irresponsible agents proposing something that is not natural, is putting everything at risk!

“The Board of Governors is looking into this and we will have a determination very soon.”