MUHAMMAD ALI’s daughter and former champ LAILA advises FLOYD MAYWEATHER against MMA move

Floyd Mayweather should stay away from a fight in the UFC octagon, according to former undisputed women’s champion Laila Ali.

Ali, daughter of ‘The Greatest’ and three-time heavyweight ruler Muhammad, believes Mayweather donning the smaller, fingerless gloves would be a wrong move.

Mayweather is said to be training under the guidance of UFC welterweight title holder Tyron Woodley for ‘a few’ MMA bouts, although Ali said that isn’t something that would interest her when speaking to SiriusXM Boxing this week.

“I think he needs to stay on outta that,” said Ali. “I said before (when Mayweather and McGregor) fought in boxing that I wasn’t that interested in seeing that fight because I knew what was going to happen.

laila ali

“People get all caught up in the hype but when you really respect a sport and understand the science behind it, it’s not that easy to get in there and think that you’re gonna be able to do it.

“I think the opposite would happen if Floyd went into the MMA ring because he’s not an MMA fighter. So what do you expect to happen? It would have to go both ways.

“I know that as a fighter, you can say, ‘Oh well I’ll just do this, that and the other and I won’t get taken down’ – But Floyd doesn’t even have the type of knockout power to say ‘Oh, I’m going to throw a right hand and knock somebody out in the fight’ – It really isn’t something I want to see.

“I’m sure he’s probably just talking anyway. Floyd’s smarter than that,” she added.

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