Trainer Tyron Woodley makes BOLD CLAIM regarding Floyd Mayweather’s chances in UFC

On the back of the news that former pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather is to be trained for an MMA career by Tyron Woodley, the UFC Champion has backed his new protege to shine.

Woodley outlined his agreement to ready Mayweather for what the American says could be more than one octagon contest in a recent interview.

“Floyd Mayweather is interested in taking an MMA bout, maybe a few of ’em,” Woodley told The Hollywood Beatdown

“So, who better than ‘The Chosen One’ to teach him the ropes on how we get off the ropes and get in the cage!”

Following up on his initial announcement when speaking to TMZ Sports, Woodley explained how Mayweather can make a big impact.

“Floyd Mayweather’s one of the best strikers of all-time,” Woodley told TMZ Sports. How many guys in the UFC that can’t wrestle and can’t grapple that consider themselves a standup fighter, but they have to stand across one of the greatest strikers ever, they gonna be in a world of smoke,” he added.

Previously, UFC President Dana White had stated the only bout for Mayweather that made sense was a rematch with Conor McGregor.

Mayweather stopped McGregor in ten rounds under boxing rules last August and rumors are that the pair will do it again this summer one year on but under the Irishman’s chosen code.

“The only way a rematch makes sense in that fight is in the UFC,” White had told TMZ Sports before stating: “he absolutely should be worried about his skills” on facing McGregor in his own arena.

White also insisted, “Anything is possible,” as rumors gather paced of another showdown in Las Vegas. On McGregor stalling his UFC career waiting for Floyd, White believes it’s highly possible “Conor might never come back” – other than for Mayweather.

‘The Notorious’ has since been stripped of his lightweight title and is seemingly just waiting around for Mayweather to confirm his imminent entrance to MMA.