Ohara Davies: I won’t play a role anymore, I’m a quiet and friendly person

Ringside 12/03/2018


With new management, promoter and coaches in place, world-ranked super-lightweight Ohara Davies is quickly shedding his ‘bad boy’ public persona.

‘Two Tanks’ (16-1-KO13) has signed with MTK Global, Frank Warren Promotions and recruited a promising young training team as he bids to secure a world title fight in the next 12 months.

Having caused controversy throughout his early career, Davies’ latest blonde hairdo belies the shift in his mentality. Ahead of his BT Sport debut on April 14 on the Billy Joe Saunders v Martin Murray undercard, he seems at ease with himself and keen to let his improvements in the ring speak for themselves.

Davies said: “From now on, I won’t play any roles. I’ll never put a mask on my face again. I’m going to be me. I’m quite a friendly person.

“The only people that think I’m arrogant are people who don’t know me. It was a role I was told to play. MTK and Frank Warren have told me to just be myself now.

“My new manager and promoter don’t tell me what to put on social media or how to act. They just say that I should be myself and I hope that wins the public over.

“I’ve got a whole new energy at MTK. Even though they manage over 100 fighters, they make each one feel special and looked after properly.

“With the promotional change, with Frank Warren there is a clear plan and a clear direction we’re going to go in. I feel a lot more comfortable when there’s a plan in place.

“In terms of the training team and those in my inner circle, having been thrown under the bus before I wanted people around me who are going to stick through bad times and good.

“The people in my team now are people I’ve known since I was a kid and they have clean hearts. Some people only have your back when things are going well and they show their true colours when things go bad. I know these guys will never let me down.

“Even though my training team are people I’ve known so long, they’re actually more harsh on me than previous trainers.

“This new team want absolute perfection. I sparred a couple of days ago and made one small mistake during a really good spar and that mistake was straight under the microscope afterwards.”

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