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Home » Exclusive: Alfie Price talks pro bow, eyes Southern Area title run

Exclusive: Alfie Price talks pro bow, eyes Southern Area title run

The former seven-time national amateur champion defeated English title contender Liam Richards (12-46), 40-36 on points, at the Camden Centre on the 69th day of the year.

The 23-year-old, trained by Sab Leo at the Hoddesdon Boxing Academy, was originally scheduled to fight a week earlier on Frank Warren’s York Hall Box Academy event on the first weekend of March but was left bitterly disappointed when his opponent failed to show.

However, manager Mo Prior managed to get the 135lbs prospect straight back out the very following weekend on his British Warriors Boxing event.

Price’s durable opponent, “Rocco”, had only been stopped once in 57 fights and went the distance with an unbeaten Ryan Walsh in a 10-round championship bout in 2011, but the debutant in the red corner was confident and assured throughout the entire first 12-minutes of his professional career to earn a landslide win.

Switching stance seamlessly, throwing flashy combinations from his hips, the decorated amateur eased into the pro ranks effortlessly with an entertaining and stylish performance.

Post-fight, he spoke exclusively with World Boxing News:

How were your nerves on your debut?

“I wasn’t nervous one bit! I was excited more than anything. Normally, in the amateurs, you always get butterflies in the stomach, but I was just looking forward to it, I was getting goose bumps I was so excited for it.

I was watching the boxing that was on before me and I just wanted to get in there and get it done. It was probably the first time I’ve not been nervous for a fight.”

What were your thoughts after the first round?

“Just to keep my work rate up, to keep up the pace, I was trying to get him out of there and impress people but maybe I tried a bit too hard, I should have picked my shots a bit more, but it’s all learning.”

What did you make of your overall performance?

“I reckon it was a good performance, a lot of people coming up to me after the fight, shaking my hand and saying it was a classy performance. I have had a lot of people messaging me saying it was great to watch. The support has been fantastic.”

Any changes needed for your next fight?

“More of the same really, good sparring, although it depends on the opponent, so we will train for the opponent. If I fight a counter-fighter, we will get sparring partners to match. I feel fit I and I’m not sure how many shots I threw in each round last night, but it was a lot! I felt good in there!”

How soon do you want to get out again?

“As soon as possible! I was hoping to be on the Billy Joe Saunders v Martin Murray undercard in April but I’m away, so after that, I will be back looking for more fights and after speaking to one of my managers we are looking to get a shot at a Southern Area title after about four or five fights.”

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Alfie Price would like to thank his sponsors AP Scaffolding and Agent Jack Jacobs