PICTURED: Scott Quigg boasts GRUESOME FACIAL INJURIES after loss, reveals why he failed weight

Scott Quigg engaged in a brutal battle with Oscar Valdez on Saturday night, coming out on the wrong end of a decision from the judges in California.

Despite breaking the WBO featherweight champion’s jaw and damaging some teeth, Quigg ended the contest with some gruesome facial injuries which needed attention.

A squashed nose and lumps and bumps on his head saw Quigg leave Carson – not only with a second career loss – but in need of a surgeon to rectify the damage.

quigg nose

Credit: ESPN

Before the contest, Quigg had lost his chance to win the world title after scaling 2.8 pounds over the 126 pound limit, with the fight touch and go as to whether it would take place.

Breaking his silence on why the weight wouldn’t come off, Quigg outlined an injury hampering his movement in training was to blame.

“It wasn’t a tactic – four weeks ago, I fractured my foot,” Quigg told Sky Sports. 

“It meant I couldn’t do the roadwork and certain stuff and I knew the way I was going to be fighting tonight, we wouldn’t change my tactics and I wasn’t going to change my fighting style.

“I was well on track to making the weight, but I started cutting my weight earlier because I knew I had to be on it and because I started to cut it earlier, my body just started to shut down.

“On Thursday I was only 3lbs over and I did four sessions that day and it just didn’t budge.

“But I take full responsibility and I didn’t want to let my fans down, who had already paid for their travel.

“I got a bit of stick at home, people saying I was unprofessional that I’ve not made the weight, but I am not unprofessional at all.

“I still apologize for doing that, but I am not unprofessional. I don’t cut corners,” he added.

Valdez was himself taken to hospital on the back of the Quigg war, whilst talk of a rematch is yet to gather ant real pace due to the 118-110, 117-111 (twice) scorecards.